Live Group Paintings

My painting career was born as a response to overwhelming circumstances that were beyond my control. I became an artist because the physical marks I made on blank surfaces reminded me of my own agency; I could not only create literal shapes, but I could also color and form my own life. Art reminded me that I am not a victim of circumstance. I paint every day because I need a lot of reminders. 

I started this live group painting experiment as a way to invite others, particularly women, to feel, even for just a moment, the power of making a mark. 

What is Live Group Painting?

It’s simple. I set up a canvas with a sketch. My theme so far has been women and flowers. But it doesn’t have to be. At your event, I invite every participant to make a mark or stroke (sometimes a few!) on the image. I then finish the painting during the event, incorporating everyone’s mark. Just like in my own paintings, not every mark shows up in the final product. But they all contribute to the feel, texture, and mood of the painting. No one can mess it up, and the most hesitant people typically say something along the lines of “that was fun!” once they’ve made their mark. This experience isn’t about skill or talent. It’s about agency. It’s about community. 

Okay, I’m Listening…

If you think this is something you might be interested in for your family, company, or party, I’ll work with you to come up with the original sketch. I’ll send you a contract with all the details of the event. If you ask anyone who has booked me, the one thing they all seem to say is that I’m easy to work with. Need proof? You can read some reviews from my weddings paintings here

But What Does it Cost?

If you’re beyond the greater New Orleans area and need me to travel, there will be an additional travel fee. We’ll chat.

24x24 painting: $1085.00

24×30 painting: $1375.00

30x30 painting: $1500.00

30x40 painting : $1675.00


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