Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned Paintings

I take on a limited number of commissioned paintings each year. I do paintings of people that are natural, unposed and usually informal. I also do paintings of architecture and, of course, birds. Not all images lend themselves to my style and ability. If you aren’t sure, just ask

When you commission a piece, I’ll work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

All my paintings are priced by size.  I add the length and height of the canvas and multiply by 15. I require a 20% deposit before beginning the painting. I can do a painting on any size canvas, but here is a breakdown of prices for common sizes:

6×6: $180

8×8: $240

10×10: $300

11×14: $375

12×12: $360

16×20: $540

20×20: $600

24×30: $810

24×36: $900

36×48: $1260

48×60: $1620

For portraits with more than one person: add $150.00 for each additional person.