Live Wedding Paintings

I’m not a wedding painter.  You read that correctly. I’m an artist and gallery owner who sometimes packs up all my gear and heads to a celebration where I use my love of color and texture to try to tap into some of the magic. My goal is to create a beautiful, texturally rich and compelling piece of art from the joy of your day.

In contrast to many wedding painters, I’m not just after one moment (no doubt you will have countless beautiful photographs of single moments) but the overall energy and spirit of the event. With an eye for color, my trusty palette knives, and a whole lot of paint, I create dramatic, impressionistic oil paintings from start to finish for the duration of your party.

For any event, I arrive at least one hour before to set up and assess the space. I do a few quick sketches to pick the best composition and then lightly draw the venue’s architectural details on the canvas. I do not start painting until the event actually begins.

I believe in complete transparency, so my current prices are listed below saving you the step of having to email me to ask. The prices listed are the prices in full with no additional fees for local weddings which include New Orleans, Northshore, Baton Rouge, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Please contact me for pricing information on a travel location or a size painting not listed.

I know this is a big investment. If you decide you’d like to book, my hope is that you and your spouse (and maybe your children and grandchildren) will appreciate it for many years to come.

Questions? I’m happy to chat. Contact me here.