Day 19. Covington White Linen

"Baby Steps" 20x20, oil on canvas Earlier in the month, I knew I'd need some back up paintings for that inevitable day in the 31 where I just can't quite complete a painting or don't quite think what I have "completed" is actually done. This, as I've mentioned before,...

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Day 11. When your horse dies, get off.

“Courting approval, even that of peers, puts a dangerous amount of power in the hands of the audience...The audience is seldom in a position to grant (or withhold) approval on the issue that really counts-- namely, whether or not you’re making progress in your work”...

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Day 8. “Real” Artists

"Splash" 24x24, oil on canvas[creativ_button url=" [creativ_button url="" icon="" label="Buy Now" colour="red" colour_custom=""...

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Day 2: viewing vs. making

                        "Contain Multitudes" 24x24, oil on canvas [creativ_button url="" icon="" label="Buy Now"...

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