September Painting a Day Challenge


It’s Already Begun.  Click Here. 


I’m gearing up for another thirty days of painting every day.  I listen to a great podcast called Artists Helping Artists, and the host, Leslie Saeta, is doing a 30 in 30 in September.  She’s invited painters all over the world to join her and so far hundreds have signed up.

Needless to say I joined.  When I did a painting every day for the month of April, I did it by myself.  Well, certainly other artists were doing it, but I didn’t know about them or follow their work.  Before I joined Leslie’s challenge, I invited others, painters or not, to join me in a thirty day challenge.  I still want you to!  If there is some creative work you have been wanting to do but just don’t seem to have the time, this is for you.  September is for you.  I did my first challenge in April because I knew it would be a busy month, and if I could be a painter in April, I could be a painter. Period.  If you need a pep talk first, read Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art. It’ll whip you into shape.

Your thirty days doesn’t have to be profound.  You could do a poem a day, a song, a photograph, a haiku.  You could do yoga or write a letter. And do it knowing that others are doing it with you.  If you’d like to join me you can sign up here.  I’ll send little Emails reminding you to do whatever it is you set out to do and, if you’d like, I’ll set up a simple blog where we can post our accomplishments.

On Leslie’s podcast she talks about having a theme for her September painting challenge.  It never occurred to me to have a theme, but its been on my mind frequently as September’s creeping closer.  I launched my art business with a painting a day in April.  I didn’t have a theme, but, in retrospect, it was all about my story– coping with loss and figuring out how to start again to fashion a life greater than anything I’d previously imagined.

April was my story in paintings– my fears, desperation, and ultimately hope.  I’d like September to be about other’s stories of love, loss, hope, and decision.  I’m calling it “Reflections,” and I’d love to hear from YOU.  Send me your story of a pivotal moment in your life (whether it is dramatic or simple, earth shattering or humble, ordinary or extraordinary) and I’ll do my best to make a small painting that in some way speaks to it. I can’t promise it won’t be a bird, but I’m looking to explore some other subject matter this September, perhaps even a few portraits.  You can write me a short paragraph or a few pages and the writing doesn’t have to be “good”.  I just want to hear from you.  When I post the painting, I’d love to tell your story on my blog.  You can be anonymous or not.  We’ll talk.

So to prepare for September I’m stocking up on paint and canvas but what I can’t buy at the art store are the stories that will be my inspiration.  Please forward this to anyone you think has a good story to tell. I’d really appreciate it, and I need thirty of them. Keeping my fingers crossed.  Can’t wait to get started.