Kaci and Dustin, Balcony Ballroom 1/28/17

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Last weekend I painted at the wedding reception of Kaci and Dustin at Balcony Ballroom in Metairie. Let me tell you, it was a total party led by the dancing queen featured below. At one point she had a crowd all around her and she, well, let’s just say, she could cut a rug. And the band, At Fault, gave her plenty of reason to keep going. They are high energy and can work the crowd.

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What I like about the venue

IMG_5198I’ve both attended weddings here and painted at them. Never passed a bad time. It’s one big room, which is nice because all the guests are together in the action. The columns and the chandeliers always give me great visual interest for the painting. And, of course, there’s the balcony which didn’t make it into this painting, but provides a great spot for the photographer to get shots of the entire group of guests. Kaci and Dustin even had their first dance up there– a little different than most venues and everyone could see them (they were flawless) without having to peer over someone’s shoulder or elbow their way to a spot near dance floor. It’s almost like the ballroom was a wedding cake and they were the adorable little toppers.

I captured Kaci and Dustin when they’d made it down to the main floor and were giving it all they had on the dance floor. Seriously, the whole night was a dance party.




And the style award goes to…

This guy. His beard was awesome. 

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Once again, I left this reception feeling amazed that I get to go to people’s weddings and just paint. I’ll risk sounding like a teenager and just say it– it’s, like,  totally so much fun!

If you attended the wedding and are interested in a print of the painting, check out your options here