“Festival Time” 6×6, oil on gessoboard, $75


I’m finished writing all the stories you’ve sent in, and, if I’m honest, my disappointment in running out is tempered by the fact that I don’t think I could have done it today.  BUT.  I’m still accepting stories– and I’ve still got some days left in September, so help me finish out this challenge strong?

This little guy is hanging (still wet) in my tent at Alligator Festival.  A little boy came up to my display, begged his mom for it and after repeated “No’s” she finally tried a new strategy– she told him he could have it if she sold his wii. He thought about it for a minute and told her, yes, she could sell his wii.

This story ends with the mom knowing better, knowing that when it came time to actually “sell the wii” he would not be so enthusiastic about his little crawfish painting.

“He loves art,” she told me.  I love that kid.

And thanks to his mom, this one is still on the market.