“Teddy” 6×6, oil on canvas $75 Buy Now SOLD

I wrote about my dear friend, Annie, on Day 19 of the 30 in 30 challenge.  What I didn’t tell you is that her son, Teddy, is my son’s best friend and “pretend big brother.”

IMG_0804 IMG_0821 IMG_0910


He’s a very good pretend big brother too. Teddy and I also just so happen to share the same birthday, which just so happens to be today. I could think of no better story for day 29 than one told by the creative, loving, happy, energetic, now-four-year old Teddy.

Here goes.

There were different kinds of cupcakes with different insides and sprinkles! They were different flavors and my favorite is vanilla!  I like trains because they have wheels and roll.  I just saw the Lego movie at my Mimi’s.  Bad guys are trying to get Emmet. They are trying to destroy Emmet.  When they’re all destroyed nobody can help them.  But I just got a new ninja! It’s called the red ninja!


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