Blue Heron, 6×6, oil on gessoboard $75 SOLD


Day 12.  Started this one a couple days ago.  Most of my pelicans are flying, but I usually see egrets and herons still and watchful, which is probably appropriate because April can be the cruelest month.  I’m about to take my paintings outdoors– Mandeville is stunning this time of year– green, vibrant, flowers blooming everywhere.  But.  This springtime is backdrop to a host of more somber realities.  My divorce should be finalized within the next few weeks and with it comes decisions, fear, uncertainty, relief, possibility, hope.  There is much that is yet to be resolved, figured, calculated, lived.  I have never been more sure of the goodness that can flow from pain and heartache.  But.  I am still and watchful.  Taking it in.  Hoping for springtime in more than just my backyard.