“Clawing” 30x30in, oil on canvas $375 Buy Now

What in the world am I thinking? Day one– 24x36in and day 2– 30x30in? Am I setting expectations far too high? Is the 6×6 I’m planning for day 3 going to be a let down? Will day 97 be a let down?

These bigger paintings have been in the works prior to the challenge. 100 in 100 makes me finish things I’d otherwise leave sitting against the window in my studio collecting dust.

But tomorrow will be, almost certainly, a small painting. The kind I do in one sitting. My comfort zone.

Ah! The glory of an untouched canvas

A few days ago, I posted a picture of this blank 30x30in canvas on facebook and asked what I should paint. I got several suggestions (azaleas, a big fat chicken, even a dragon to name a few!). I decided to go with the crab painting suggestion. I’ve painted several blue crabs over the years but haven’t quite gotten one that I’m completely happy with and in Louisiana, people just love them. I used the same technique on this one that I did on yesterday’s pelican– brush first then palette knife and thinned down paint. Only this time, I was using a brand new canvas instead of an old painting. While yesterday’s pelican has bumps and bruises, the texture of the old painting creeping into the new one (which I love), today’s crab is smoother, less troubled (which I might also love?). I think I just might like him.

And just a side note–if you’re in the New Orleans/Northshore area and are interested in a painting but don’t want to pay shipping, just send me a message and we can arrange for a pick up!


Step one– yellow ochre wash


Step 2– loose paint sketch


Step 3– used a brush to block in color. Later I went over the color blocks with the palette knife