crawfish 3

Crawfish 3, 8×10, oil on gessoboard $112 Buy Now


Mid-month crisis?  The more I paint, the more I realize how much I want to paint.  Every day during Ezra’s nap time isn’t quite enough.

And just when business starts rolling in (six commissions in the works!)  the business of life starts rolling in full force.  I know that one day (soon) the divorce will be final, but the financial and emotional debris falls faster and harder with no end in sight. It’s enough to make me want to quit.  Because how can I pursue art at the the same time I’m pursuing keeping my head above the water?

I guess that’s my answer.  It helps me.  How can I not pursue art at a time like this?  How do people who don’t paint handle things like the IRS?

So even crawfish, little, awkward, bug-like crawfish give shape and meaning to what is the business of life. My hand was shaking as I worked on this one today.  The espresso on an empty stomach or the stress of what looms on the horizon– I’m not sure.  But the paint is soft, flows easily.

I’ve figured out a new pricing system, if you’re curious about the slightly strange $112 on this one.  My prices are based on size and are calculated by linear inch.  8×10 results in the slightly odd, uneven number of 112.  But I’ve finally figured it out so that I can be consistent.  That’s progress.


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