Looking Back (Sparrow Painting)

“Looking Back” 16×20, oil on canvas, $225 Buy Now

I added a counter to my website.  The thirty in thirty challenge has officially ended, but a new adventure has unofficially begun.  Day 31.  The counter counts up, counts the consecutive days of daily painting.  My thirty in thirty was all about tiny, manageable paintings, but today it was time to pull out a larger canvas.

Everything is relative.  When I was an art student and money was abstract and unimportant, resources and time nearly unlimited,  I painted nothing smaller than 24×36.  A 16×20 would have been “tiny”.  Now it’s enormous.  My brush is free and wild against it.  The strokes bolder.  There is certainly freedom and still limitation.

Another sparrow.  Quiet, unassuming sparrow, neither reaping nor sowing.  Ambitious only for crumbs.

Feeling overwhelmed by the support and well-wishes after completing my thirty days of painting.  Eager to keep going.



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