pelican painting


“Launch” 24×36, oil on canvas $375 Buy Now SOLD

I’d been working on this one for a while but could never quite seem to finish it. Nothing like starting a 100 paintings in a 100 days to get you motivated to revisit an older canvas.

And it sets the tone– It’s 24x36in (i.e., BIG).  Even though I’ll still be doing my fair share of 6x6s and 8×8’s (and probably my fair share of pelicans for that matter) this 100 days will be (I hope) much more of a variety– subject matter, size, palette. At least that’s what I’m saying today, day 1, the glorious day when nothing lies outside the realm of possibility.

This piece started out as a brush painting, but the bright orangey red was all palette knife. Later on I used a large palette knife but thinned down the paint a great deal with medium (something I’ve not tried before when using the palette knife). The result is, I think, is a more gentle palette knife painting than I’m used to. Looking forward to exploring this technique more as the days go on. And on and on.

Would still love to get stories/inspiration from others– so if you’ve got a great story to tell or just a great image, please pass it along.