Chicken painting by Louisiana artist Denise Hopkins

“DoDo’s Chicken” 20×20, oil on canvas, $250.00 Buy Now SOLD

The other day I wrote on Facebook that I was dying to try a palette knife portrait and asked for models. I got a GREAT response, and I have completed my first palette knife portrait and plan to keep going. I’m still working on the blog post so that will have to be day 11…

Today’s painting comes from a suggestion I got about a month ago to paint “a big, fat chicken”. My brother and sister-in-law just so happen to raise chickens so they sent me a great reference photo to use. I’m sticking with the palette knife/thinned paint for a while. Who knows if I’ll ever pick up a brush again.


Ezra eyeing his uncle “DoDo’s” chickens

Ezra’s at the stage where animal sounds can occupy a large portion of any day. He’s particularly fond of his aunt and uncle’s chickens.


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