It’s in a folder 

Labeled “maybe tomorrow”

Turning grey with dust


You know that famous old Picasso quote? “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

It was back in October– that first glorious September cool front decided to be fashionably late, but it had finally arrived. We needed a place to bask in it, so we hopped on our bikes and ended up at the Abita Brew Pub patio. Kids. So many kids. Throwing straw wrappers, shouting their worldly demands– more ketchup! He’s looking at me! The giant connect 4 game in the corner, its pieces now being used as frisbees. 

But way in the back of the bowling alley shaped patio, a little duo of musicians was getting ready to play. And when they did, that Picasso quote was less some silly little thing I’d heard a million times and seen printed in fancy script on notecards or coffee mugs. I got it. And then I filed it away. 

I also filed away a few photos of the musicians I’d taken– put them in my “painting ideas” folder in my phone. October…November…December…January!– Let’s see, that might be a new record on how quickly I got to something I put in there. 

The duo was called “Hoot and Holler” that day, but I just looked them up and their name has changed to Golden Shoals. They’re good. I’ve linked them in case you’re feeling particularly ordinary today and need to knock some of that dust off.