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Remember a mere forty-eight hours ago when I described day 8 as “ordinary”–  as finally falling in the routine of a painting day? HA.

If day 8 is calm and peace and joy at the wonders of routine, day 10 is pure panic. I’ve got to go out of town this week, so last night I was frantically packing and painting, trying to get at least one day ahead to account for the interruption

Before I started my late night binge painting, I happened upon this article which describes a study that revealed that making art for forty-five minutes actually reduced cortisol levels in participants. Cortisol– you know, that stress hormone I’m all too familiar with when I do a daily painting challenge.

Perhaps it is good science and perhaps it is just the power of suggestion (which I’ve come to believe is powerful indeed) but the “frantic painting” soon turned to less frantic painting which gave way to what I can best describe as inner peace. It was as though the music of the action scene in a movie melted into the soothing music of the end credits (or the “overs” as my son likes to call them). 

The very first lesson I learned when I decided to do art full time was half Nike, half Picasso. It was a “just do it” and “inspiration has to find you working” kind of lesson. I did not feel like painting last night at 10pm. I felt like binge watching netflix in my PJs. But low and behold the anxiety I was feeling melted away in this beautiful little cello player. 

Many thanks again for this amazing image on which I based today’s painting. I’ve got some birds in mind for the next two days (because I miss them!) but I’m still very much in love with this series and eager to get more inspiration from you. So if you’ve got a great photo of a musician please drop it in the comments or email me ([email protected])

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