“The Other Side” 16×20, oil on canvas $540.00

For each day so far, I’ve started with two canvases on my easel. Usually I flip the image for the second canvas. This time, I didn’t flip the same image, but rather continued it onto the second canvas. This tree is further up on the beach from yesterday’s, which was right where the sand hit the water. 

I have loved this process of two paintings at once. I like considering the idea from a different perspective, angle, mindset, or depth of vision. I have found the second painting, so far, to always be my favorite of the two because of the lessons I bring to it. I also find I relax a little for the second. I’m already warmed up. 

It was once suggested to me that I paint the same thing every day for 31 days. Not as crazy as it first sounds. I’m not there yet, but I can only imagine the insights I’d gain with such a practice if doing just two has been this enlightening. 


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