“Consider” 6×6, oil on canvas $135.00 

I did a little series of figure paintings not too long ago and wanted to do a few more this month. I got some advice once about painting and about writing– paint the painting you’d want to own; write the book you want to read.

So I went through my files of references and settled upon this seated pose. I liked the asymmetry of her shoulders and exaggerated it a bit in the painting. 

I don’t have much enlightening to say about it which feels a little frustrating since I usually have a lot to say about my paintings. Below is a poem–  some more advice for a painter. I’ve referenced it before. Now feels like a good time again because I can feeI myself starting to tax and tear, tug at art. It helps to remember it is enough to simply love my subject matter, profound or not. 

Today I love irregular shapes, deep purple lines, and complimentary colors. Today I love the human form–  not elegant or dancing or running or bending. Just sitting there. Barefoot and bored. 


Advice to a Friend who Paints

By Kelly Cherry 

Consider shy Cezanne,

the lay of the land he loved,

its dumbstruck vanity, polite and brute.

The bather in his sketchy suit.

The skull upon the mute pull of cloth.

In your taxing and tearing, tugging at art,

consider shy Cezanne.

His blushing apples.

His love of man.