Well, it was bound to happen– I couldn’t quite find a way to sneak a bird into this one, but this little guy is my baby bird (don’t tell him, he despises the word baby).

He is adventurous and smart, out-spoken, assertive, unafraid to tell you what he thinks. He asked Santa for a minivan (because he knows I’m on the hunt) and takes at least ten minutes to put on his shoes in the morning because there are so many other interesting things and ideas to discuss on the journey to the shoes.

Hands down, his freckles are the cutest (and I know a thing or two about freckles). He wants to be an marine biologist and an artist when he grows up and would watch Planet Earth all day if I let him. This morning on our walk to school he said, “I feel happy when I draw.”

Every day feels like he’s learning to fly a bit more, like he’s inching out of the nest towards his own independence. Last week, when I let go from the back of his training wheel-less bike and sprinted to keep pace with him, I knew that moment was the stuff of a memories that will last well into his adulthood.

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