“Your biggest fan” 6×6, oil on canvas

That was another of Coach Bennett’s running advice: be a fan of your sport. Go to games– high school, college, rec, professional. Join a park clean-up volunteer crew. Coach a kid’s team. Be a fan. 

When I translate this to art it feels even more important. Going to shows and museums has always been fun for me, and I’ve always jumped at the chance. But buying art? That’s something I’m just starting to really do, and it’s absolutely born of my fandom. I’ve recently acquired two largish pieces from artists I admire– JJ Foley and Ellen Langford. Having their work in my home has been nothing short of delightful. I’m a little in awe of what those paintings do for me and how each time I look at them it feels like some new gift I wasn’t expecting, don’t particularly deserve, and am better off for having. I don’t know if people who buy my art have that same feeling, but having been on the receiving end of it makes it feel like it’s possible. And possible is quite enough. 

I didn’t break any barriers or climb any mountains with today’s painting, but I did continue to use a brush, along with my knives, to explore this little chickadee. I did show up to my practice. Right before the 31 began I wrote a post about measuring success in as many ways as you can (another tip borrowed from Coach Bennett). Showing up? Check mark. Success. Applying paint to canvas with an open mind and open heart? Check mark. Success. Oh, and making a video of the process? Big time check mark. Success. I could go on for a while without ever mentioning how the painting turned out. 

I’d love to know: what successes have you experienced today and are you a fan of your field?



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