“Old Friend”, 6×6, oil on canvas $125

I started my painting career back in 2014 with one subject matter in mind: pelicans. After today’s painting, I’d wondered how long it had been since I’d painted one. 

I remember you, I said to the organic shapes of the neck and body, the white and yellow of the tip of the head. You’ve always been there. On my countless drives across the causeway and on my walks along the beach. That constant reassuring presence in my life: It will be okay you seem to say with those long, effortless wings, those precise nosedives into open waters.

The gravity of everything fell on me hard this morning when I was walking the dog. I opened the door feeling fine, turned the corner of the block and the heaviness all around kind of settled on my shoulders. My stride slowed. My heart ached. I needed a pelican. Maybe you do too? 

Is there a sight in nature that gives you a sense of peace and comfort? I have a feeling I’ll be painting daily for quite some time– I would love to try some new things.