“Quiet the Chatter” 12×12, oil on canvas, $360

I wanted to try yesterday’s image on a larger canvas. Today’s painting is 12×12 as compared to yesterday’s 6×6. Double the size, I painted it in about half the time. 

The strokes are looser and there are fewer of them. I couldn’t resist and added another little stretcher key for a touch of collage. This time I didn’t paint the wood but left it as is. 

It’s the part in the 31 days where I’m not quite halfway– there’s road behind me but still a while before the finish line is in sight. I’m hearing a little chatter from the “what are you doings” and every once in a while the “why even bothers”. 

But I’ve learned, over the course of several years, to hear them out, just for a second, and then send them on their way. “Thank you for your input, but I’ve got it from here.”