“New Season” 10×10 oil on canvas

Today’s painting is a rework of an old one. It never felt quite right. At least a decade ago, when I was a teacher in New Orleans, I went to an art educators conference and attended a session with renowned artist James Michalopoulos. He said sometimes he’ll take a painting that isn’t quite working, give himself a time limit, and see if he can make something out of it. He was so casual about it: It may work out, it may not. No big. 

So in today’s painting that’s what I did. And while I was sad to see the bluebird go, I know she’ll come back in another painting. I know her spirit is still there, bubbling somewhere beneath the surface. I’ll post a reel on instagram tomorrow to show you how it all came to be. You can follow me @denisehopkinsfineart.

This I know in my bones: there’s freedom in letting go. Of expectations, of our worth being all wrapped up in what we produce, of should. There’s freedom in play, in starting over, in redoing, in failing. There’s freedom in putting marks on top of old ones when the spirit calls (even without any promises about the result). 


All my paintings from the month will be available February 3 at the gallery and online February 6.



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Written by Denise Hopkins

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