“Alisa” 4×4, oil on canvas, $50.00 Buy Now

I can hardly believe it myself. Today, instead of watching my beloved Saints play the Broncos, I took Ezra to the Aquarium where they were having a mermaid (his current obsession) exhibit. There is an older version of me that could not have forgone a Saints game no matter how bad the season was looking.img_5405-1

I also went despite not having a painting ready for day 13. My friend Alisa invited us, and, without hesitating (work and fandom be damned!) we went. It’s a decision I do not regret.

I have only a couple stories left. And the painting I wanted to do today was based on one of them, I just didn’t have the strength or energy to do it. We got caught in Saints game traffic on the way home. After two hours, we finally made it back (after dark)  and I, painting-less, worked on this little guy instead of the more ambitious piece I’d planned.

I don’t have a story of bravery except that I think my friend Alisa is abundantly brave. We got to chat a bit today. I am always struck by how much she wants to listen. Whereas I have to sometimes have to think about it and really try, she seems eager to listen. She’s full of joy even when the week’s been, well, shitty.

This painting is a really small, really imperfect homage to her quiet joy, her ability to listen, her openness to life.


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