“Basic Blues” 4×4, oil on canvas Buy Now

I knew this weekend would be crazy. Every monthly daily painting challenge provides its fair share of obstacles to actually painting every day. Five years ago I was unemployed with a newborn and had just completed the training for a half marathon that I didn’t run. Today, finally, I ran it. But more importantly, perhaps, I have a small painting to show for day 14. I created it a few days ago because I knew I’d need it in my reserves. It’s a little bluebird similar to one I created in October– I wasn’t done figuring out how to let the cad red backgrounds of most of my paintings take more of a prominent role. During the October challenge, my friend Greg described my work as having a “safe space” in the little birds and then branching out to new subjects and concepts from there. He could not be more right. Without a go-to, I’d never go anywhere new. 

I graduated with a degree in studio art in 2004– it’s only taken me fourteen years, but I figured it out. Finally. How to fit art into life.