“Don’t Look at me Like That” 6×6, oil on canvas Buy Now

Typically day 15  is a mile marker, the halfway point. I know picking October for my painting a day challenge was ambitious. It’s not only that extra day, it’s the lack of a half way point altogether– will I celebrate tomorrow before I’ve finished day 16, when I am exactly 15.5 paintings in?

Paintings aren’t like that. They don’t have clear beginnings, middles, and ends the way days of the month do. I sometimes joke that I get 90% of my paintings done in the first twenty or so minutes and then spend hours or even days on the last 10% of the image. 

I’m happy to report that these pelicans (yesterday’s and todays) came easily and quickly. I’m eager to keep exploring these loose brush representations. Have you noticed I’ve barely picked up my palette knife at all this month?