My church is called the

Blessed heart of busy bees

“Be still” but I can’t 


I wonder– do they–

Bellies to fill, hives to help–

Stop and smell the bloom?


In the spirit of my haikus, I wrote TWO of them this morning, thank you very much. I wonder when I started glorifying “busy,” when I started worshipping at its alter. 

My friend invited me to get a facial with her last week, and even though I enjoyed it, even though I have to admit my skin is looking pretty fabulous even days later, when I was in that dimly lit room– you know with the good smells and the spa music and the head massages? I was having a really hard time just, well, lying there not doing anything. I found myself fantasizing about my watch– which I’d had to take off for the hand massage (who knew a facial included this!?) 

Even now I’m thinking, alright, gotta wrap up this blog post so we can move on to other things. I painted this 6×6 today to help me re-think busy — to think of it not as some great badge of honor, some idol below which I bow down. 

I’m going to have lunch with a friend later today. I plan to linger.