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Today’s painting is the larger, palette knife version of yesterday’s study. I didn’t  move my little vase of sunflowers an inch– even the composition is the same. But painting with a knife is different than painting with a brush– you have to scoop up the paint in big, nearly overflowing clumps and spread it against the surface like you’re icing a cake. You can cover a lot of ground quickly which is why I always opt for the palette knife in my larger pieces. I’m not one to dilly dally.

What I love about this process (small, brush painting then large palette knife painting of the same subject) is that by the time I get to the second painting, I’ve already worked out some issues of color and shape. I can really enjoy the process because i’ve already done the homework.

I can’t quite decide if I think it’s only day 16 or already day 16, but either way I can make out that finish line somewhere far off in the distance and I have to admit, I’m pretty relieved.

You can see today’s painting and many others from this month in person at Covington’s White Linen for Public Art this Saturday from 6-8pm at Columbia Coworking. Hope to see some of you locals there!