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Yesterday morning my five-year old lazily stumbled into the kitchen after what I can only describe as luxury sleep– he went to bed around 7:30 PM and got up around the same time AM.  As we sat down to our very routine breakfast, two “drippy” eggs for him, two scrambled for me, he looked out the window and said, rather in awe, “Look at that beautiful bird!” Sure enough, a woodpecker had landed on one of the crepe myrtles in our front yard. You could only see him because of that bright red head. 

A lot of the time I’m not sure that I’m getting through to that stubborn sweet little head of his, but if I’ve somehow fostered an eye for bird watching in him, I feel like I just might be doing okay. 

Yesterday morning was a gentle reminder that my son, though he may seem deaf to what I say, very much watches who I am and what I love. 

There was no doubt what today’s painting would be and though it may seem to still be in my “safe space” it’s my first go at a woodpecker– I wanted to show, as I do with a lot of my bird paintings, how transient their presence tends to be. As soon as you spot one, they are gone. I came across a couple of my son’s baby pictures today as I was sorting through my library looking for an older painting and transience seems particularly relevant. I’m not sure where that baby went, but I’m incredibly grateful for the thoughtful kid I’ve got now. 







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