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Untitled, 10×10, oil on canvas $125.00 SOLD

Well, I did it. I packed all my gear not-so-gracefully into the back of my CRV, and drove down to the spot I was telling you about on day 8. I’m not sure how to describe the experience except that it was hard. I’m used to painting from photographs, and when I paint things from life I paint objects that have definitive boundaries– faces, flowers, fruit. 

Looking at the Tchefuncte River felt like looking at the universe and my canvas just a tiny ant. I got confused about my composition often (should have brought that little viewfinder I bought on a whim months ago). I exaggerated the colors because I didn’t want to waste any precious time (with the light changing and all) mixing them. It looks more like a tropical rainforest than a muddy Louisiana river.

I don’t paint landscapes, and I don’t paint outside, so day 16 is so far outside my comfort zone, I’m not sure whether I’ll do it again, or run away screaming. Only time will tell. A good thing too; it’s day 16 out of 100– I’ve got nothing but time.