You remember December me, right? The one who said January me would be cleaning out the studio, getting a fresh start, creating watercolors at my desk so as to leave the studio open for a major overall?

Yesterday the date just stared at me. It had been sixteen days, and I had yet to touch a single item in my studio. I seriously thought about hiring someone, hoarders style. Half therapist, half cleaning pro, I imagined this person helping me go through each item, sorting it into piles. The episode would end with a successful trip to home depot where we’d buy perfectly suitable shelves for the (very minimal) remnants of our clean out.

Such a vision was just another delay tactic. Not the most organized human to roam the earth, but I am certainly capable. A brief “you can do this…baby steps,” pep talk, and I brought a single garbage bag into the room I’ve been avoiding all month. Fill one garbage bag, just one bag, I spoke gently to myself.

And it was the first step. And I feel proud as a peacock.

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