“Melanie II” 16×20, oil on canvas, $300.00 Buy Now

Still story-less, I wanted to yet again explore my day 7 painting based on Melanie’s story. Towards the end of her description of struggling with chronic illness she writes, “When raindrops make my hands spark like an electric shock, I put on gloves, pick up my binoculars, and focus on the birds I love to watch.  When I am lonely, I build a fire and invite people to the old ritual of staring into the flames and sharing the evening.  When I am overwhelmed, I write.”

I’ve been thinking about her line about staring into the flames….

I think sometimes I want to build a fire with my paintings. I want to invite people to stare into the flames and share the evening. Because painting by myself every day gets lonely.  Maybe that’s why I sought out stories to begin with– I wanted to bring human connection to this solitary enterprise.


If you’ve got a story to share about a moment or moments when you or someone you know was particularly brave, please E-mail me at [email protected].


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