okay just to sit

listen to the fickle rain

Coffee number two


This weekend in particular, I’m feeling my bee-ness in full force. I painted at a wedding last night– something a little different– the ceremony and not the reception. I think you can see my fondness for the outdoors in the painting. Tonight I pack my gear and head out again to another wedding. And there’s still more. Sunday night will be my third and final wedding painting of the weekend. Three in a row. If I’m honest, the wedding paintings take a lot out of me. They are a joy but require a fullness (of attention, focus, energy) that can be draining. 

My son is spending the weekend with family. He couldn’t believe his good luck in getting to see his cousins twice in one week. Cousins are his favorite. I’m spending my morning in a too-quiet house trying to shush my too-busy mind. Okay just to sit

I’ll look forward to posting the two other wedding paintings from the weekend. Until then, I hope you enjoy this little bee. I think she’s resting.