“Yes, And” 10×10, oil on canvas, $300.00

My work anniversary came and went without my noticing yesterday. Six years and one day ago I started my very first daily painting challenge. I did 30 paintings in 30 days in April 2014, diving headfirst (like a pelican) into a whole host of unknowns. You can read my very first day 1 post here

I never could have imagined the circumstances under which I’d be starting yet another daily painting practice six years later, but I think it would have been comforting to know then that this was going to last, was going to be there for me time and time again. 

So these are my anniversary flowers– simple, small, deeply meaningful. I am feeling both anxious and grateful, fluctuating between anxiety and acceptance. Most days, most hours, I am both the drooping flower in the left corner and the one in the middle with a sunshine center.

I saw the following graphic the other day and took a screen shot. I am a whole mess of “Yes, and’s” these days.