“Celebration” oil on canvas, 24×24.

Last night was a blast. The bride was GORGEOUS. The crowd was dancing. The music was great. It was everything a wedding should be– the perfect balance between sentiment and party.


the pre-game set up


I arrived over an hour early (first time jitters, wanted to make sure everything was perfect) then proceeded to set up in fifteen minutes and just wait. I didn’t make a single mark on the canvas until the first guests arrived, but I did have some fun in the photo booth.IMG_0497

I loved when people came up and talked to me and often invited them to become a part of the painting. My favorite figure is the girl in the red dress to the right.

All of this is to say, I’m do weddings now! Thank you, Valerie, for this opportunity to find a painting event that I truly love. Yours was the perfect wedding in which to initiate myself to this whole live event painting thing.



Meant to take photos as the painting progressed but got so caught up in it that this is the only progress shot I got!

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