“Baby Steps” 20×20, oil on canvas

Earlier in the month, I knew I’d need some back up paintings for that inevitable day in the 31 where I just can’t quite complete a painting or don’t quite think what I have “completed” is actually done. This, as I’ve mentioned before, is not my first rodeo. So I worked on this  peacock a week ago and set it aside. Today was the day I needed it. It’s not often that I sell a painting before even posting it, but this one went home with a delightful couple I met at my exhibit at Covington’s White Linen for Public Art last night. 

The whole event was precisely what I needed. I’ve felt cooped up in my small studio space, most of my art interactions happening on-line. Last night I got to shake real hands, hand over actual art instead of putting it in a box and never seeing the face that opens that box. I set up with other artists with whom I could relate, commiserate, and celebrate. One of my former students, Casey Langteau is now a successful artist– she had a display across the street and I was able to catch up with her and admire her work. 

I’m still kind of riding that high. A thousand baby steps and you can kind of feel stuck in that rhythm, and then, suddenly, you look up to see you’ve arrived somewhere. 






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