“Break Free” 16×20, oil on canvas

I decided to start working in pairs of paintings– two on the easel at the same time. And even if one of the two was my primary focus, I’d let the knife run over into the other on occasion just to get the second started. There’s nothing more overwhelming than a blank canvas. Starting to chip away at that void while I completed the first painting was good for my soul (and maybe my neurosis). 

This is now the third (and my favorite) of a similar painting. The first was a painting I did before the 31 and the second was my day 1.  The background has gotten more interesting to me. The bird looks more regal and assured, the “C” curve of his neck more defined. 

Back in November, I delivered a painting to a gorgeous house that had a simple still life painting on the wall in the main living space. It was full of this rich golden yellow color that I realized I do not very often use. It’s been on my mind and since then yellow has become a bit of an obsession. 

I’ve already started my next pair of paintings for the next couple of days. I’ve moved on from the woodpecker, but not from the yellow. 

I would love to know which of these three is your favorite.