“Love in the Air” 4×4, oil on canvas

I completed my rewatch of the entire Office series late last night when anxiety kept me awake and hitting the “still watching” button through at least a dozen episodes of season 9. When Pam and Jim go to couple’s counseling, they start calling things they don’t like “opportunities.” They also start using the phrase “speak my truth” a lot. 

Yesterday, social distancing gave me the opportunity to go for a short hike with my son. We kept our distance from people, but got pretty close to a little alligator, a crab, a huge bullfrog, and countless birds. We stopped for too many water breaks because, much to his joy and astonishment, I’d spiked his water bottle with half lemonade. The oak trees were more magnificent than I ever remember them and my independent-minded son asked to hold my hand more than once. 

Friends, let me speak my truth: in all the uncertainty surrounding me, keeping me awake at night, I am certain of love. 

I am not certain about my income for the next couple of months or what will happen to my May wedding. I am certain that love is far bigger than either of those things. 

I am also certain that there is opportunity here, in this. My son and I have started a couple of new practices now that we have the days mostly to ourselves. One of them is lighting a candle, reading the psalms out loud, and then expressing something for which we are grateful. Two days in a row and his gratitude is overpouring for his soon-to-be step brothers. His little heart is full. Mine is too. Anxious, scared. Full. 

What “opportunities” have you had over the past week? If you could speak your truth, what would you say? I’d love to hear from you.