“Little Things” 10×10, oil on canvas $300.00

I took a photograph of a cute cruiser bike resting against the fence at the Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St. Louis probably over a year ago, thinking there was a painting idea in there somewhere. 

The bicycle created these really interesting negative shapes that took most of my energy and attention. This painting is only 10×10, but I can really envision a second go at it that is much bigger, more abstracted. I think there’s a bit of a longing in it– a longing for the time when I snapped the photo– probably a glorious Sunday after a long run. I probably had to put down my bloody mary to take the picture. I probably gave hugs to friends at church that morning. I probably rubbed shoulders with people in line at the Mockingbird; it was always so crowded even after the PJs moved in across the street. 

“It’s the little things” takes on new meanings during quarantine. What little mundane things do you miss the most?