“New Heights” 6×6 oil on canvas Buy Now

This is about the time during a thirty day (well, thirty-one this time because why not pick a long month?) when my posts start getting shorter and shorter. The daily grind is getting to me. In good ways. 

I’m in Destin relaxing on the beach before I go paint at my first Florida wedding. If this isn’t living the dream, I’m not sure what is. I’ve been thinking a lot about success and failure, and the ways in which I constantly define and redefine those terms. 

As I walked the beach yesterday and ran around the resort this morning, I was joined by several great blue herons and egrets. Right now success feels like nothing more than making friends with a bird, and watching it take off in flight. 

The video below is from my walk yesterday. The painting is an egret. This is a great blue heron. But you get the idea. All paintings this month are 20% off the day they post!

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