“Let it Soak in” 5×5, oil on canvas

I was painting another one of my wilderness-haired women, trying to decide what kind of bird to put in the brush (still thinking about putting a brass band in there at some point). I usually go for the tiny and cute variety– little whimsical things. But what I wanted this time was something strong and sturdy. Not a flitterer but a stand-your-grounder.

So I picked the great blue heron, the ones I often watch and sometimes see how close I can get to at the beach. They are among my favorite advice givers, exuding patience, confidence, and perseverance. At day 21, all three of those things feel pretty important.

All the paintings from the month will be available February 4th at the gallery (and online soon thereafter). We’ll be celebrating with live music, wine, and the work of other artists who have been participating in the 31. Hope you can make it!