This is my live wedding painting from last night at The New Orleans Board of Trade– a venue in the CBD I’d not heard of before but would LOVE to visit again. The night before, I did a live wedding painting (okay, SEO, am I saying live wedding painting enough?) at Magnolia Plantation in Elmwood. 

Weekends like this one can feel a bit strained. I’ve got to get a sitter or rely on family. I’ve got to make sure my “moving studio” has everything it needs. I have to make sure I’m not out of white paint (always!). 

It’s easy for me to fall into the “I don’t want to do this” trap, but I’ve learned to acknowledge the strain and the same time add this very gentle reminder– “I get to do this.”. I actually get to do this. 

Here’s a few pictures that might help illustrate what I mean. See ya’ll Monday!