I had a therapist once who told me– one thing about parenting is that if something doesn’t work, you can just try again tomorrow. You can change strategies and all is not lost. We were talking about sleep training an infant, but it applies to a whole lot more.

All month I’ve been “trying again tomorrow” with my paintings– well, all but the avocado– its other half is still out there somewhere in the cosmos. Today is the take two of yesterday. I like it just a little bit more.

What has surprised me most about parenting is how many mistakes I make. I just assumed that since I’m a generally decent, loving person, I’d just naturally love and rear a child perfectly. HA! Instead, I see how precious and imperfect love is. How being in relationship with another soul is about learning, about mistakes, about joy, and about pain. 

I played the song from my last post for Ezra. Despite its lack of “rock and roll,” he loved it. One of the verses gives some advice I want him to heed. But at this moment, I’m the one who really needs it.  


Don’t be scared of what you don’t know

And don’t be afraid to lose

Cause there’s a lesson there for

Learnin’, there’s a lesson if you choose


Parents– what has surprised you most about parenting? What has been the greatest lesson?