“Sitting Pretty” 16×20, oil on canvas, $225.00 Buy Now

This is the painting I’d started a couple days ago but didn’t finish yesterday because it was Tuesday which meant I needed to get outside. Challenging myself is easier when I know there is a nice little studio painting of a bird waiting for me on the other side of it. The reference photo I used was from a work trip to Disney. We found ourselves in Animal Kingdom on a safari ride with no animals. The tour guide kept telling us we were “nearing their bedtime” so many of them wouldn’t be out but around the next corner just maybe…

IMG_0531 (2)

Detail of the painting and one of the abstract compositions I’m considering.

I spotted this blue heron in a section of the park where we were supposed to see some great mammal like a hippo or an elephant. I asked my photographer friend if he could snap a picture amid the bumps of the safari truck. The photo he took has inspired a handful of other paintings but I like this one because it’s bigger, and I allowed myself a little bit more freedom with the background. I enjoyed doing it so much, I’m thinking of creating a completely abstract piece based on it.

Day 22, in the books. Only 78 more to go.