“Morning Flowers” 6×6, oil on canvas, $125

I started my day with this floral painting before my son woke up. Since school’s been out, I’ve been sleeping in a bit, getting up about the same time he does. It’s nice, but I don’t get the alone time I crave. I forgot how much I like mornings to myself. Coffee and painting. No one’s needs to meet but my own, knowing he’s close and safe but all is quiet and the birds are just starting to flit about outside my window. Paint on canvas– there’s a sweet rhythm to it, a prayer. Yesterday I struggled; today I thought should start with peace.

This morning’s walk involved less math (see day 19) and more flower/weed picking. We walked along the Bogue Falaya river and created what I think is a lovely bouquet, perhaps the subject matter of a future painting.