“Caged” 12×12, oil on canvas, $360

I know what this looks like, but think less Joe Exotic and more Joe Burrow, less cage and more stadium. Geaux Tigahs. Remember that one time they won a national championship?

I have not succumbed (yet) to Tiger King on Netflix, but I did listen to the five part Wondery Podcast on Joe exotic months ago. In other words, I was into it before it was cool. Which is probably the only thing I can say that about.

I know I said think stadium, but truth is, I did add some vertical lines in the background on this one. We’re all a little caged these days, but still I see your fierceness. The way those of you in healthcare put yourself in harm’s way to protect the most vulnerable among us; the way you find ways to connect with others even when you can’t actually be in their presence, the way you wave safely from the other side of the sidewalk in a different way, an “I see you” way, a “I know, I know, this is hard” kind of way.