“Paraclete” 6×6, oil on canvas

I was scrolling on pinterest. The algorithm seems very aware that I am into both complicated dinner recipes and photographs of birds. 

So right after the “fiery lamb ragu on parpadelle” pin, I saw a stunning image of a white peacock. A white peacock? 

The way the feathers flowed down like a waterfall, I immediately saw where I would put her in a painting. Today’s painting is my earnest attempt to paint what I’d imagined after seeing the photograph. It fell short, it always does, but the going after it, the drawing, the painting, the mark-making? That part always feels right.

After several emails, I’ve decided to change things up. I want to offer my 31 paintings this month to my emails subscribers first. So many of you have asked about certain paintings but are not local and cannot make it to our celebration on February 3. I’m working to give my email list first dibs on all 31 on February 1st. Details coming soon. 




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Written by Denise Hopkins

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