“A lot on my mind”  6×6, oil on canvas

Here’s something that happens a lot on one of those guided runs I do: The coach says, “You may feel like picking up the pace. Sometimes it takes discipline not to go faster even when you you can. This is a recovery run. I want you to run this run and not a different one.” 

Here’s something that happens a lot during my 31 in 31: I want to bust out of the rhythm of small paintings because I’m getting a little tired of them. I want to create something really BIG with a whole lot going on. I want to scratch away at layers and build and re do, add and subtract. But I’m going to run this run, do this practice because I believe that it sets me up for bigger pieces throughout the rest of the year. One month of small, focused and above all else steady. One month where I create absolutely nothing (brand new resolution for 2022 coming at ya, or rather not coming at ya, circa August) and ten months to paint all the things– big, small, simple, elaborate, exploratory, routine. 

So for now, today’s painting, another in the series, this time in profile and this time with a goldfinch I’m trying to decide if I should redo and make smaller. Sometimes what you’ve got on your mind takes up a lot of room? Right? 

I’m slowly but surely getting all the paintings from the month ready for our gallery party which is February 4th from 6-8pm. Live music and other performances + art by other members of the 31 group.