“Morning Walk” 6x6, oil on canvas Buy Now

My friend Kama posts all kinds of beautiful nature photos with the frequent caption “morning walk”. She posted a beautiful photograph of a yellow rose recently from her yard, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to paint it. 

Flowers can be tricky. Since I paint fast and loose, I often lose my place with the petals. I find myself asking “which is which” a lot. But there’s something about early morning painting that I’ve discovered works well with my psyche– slow down, you’ve got time, the sun’s not even up yet! When I forget which petal is which, I don’t even seem to mind. After all, it’s the spirit of the flower I’m after, not its exact likeness.

Eager to turn this one into a larger piece (but still waiting on that paint order to arrive!). 

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