“Walk the line” 16×20, oil on canvas. Buy Now

Early in this 31 day challenge, my friend Kama, who is also painting 31 paintings in 31 days, posted a beautiful moss-covered tree with the following caption: “How many times can she paint that damn tree? As many times as I want!”

Which exactly sums up my feelings about this now one millionth peacock painting (okay, maybe the tenth? not sure). There’s this line I find myself walking now that I’ve gone public with my art– paint what I want! No, don’t bore people with the same tired image. Who cares! I care! And so on.

Today I was interested in using the same tired familiar image but with the color palette I’ve been developing over the past couple of days. On day 23, I discussed solving the problem of a commissioned piece with this same palette. Well, it didn’t quite work out. I’m struggling a bit to reconcile the vision of the collector and my own sense of aesthetic harmony. Walking this particular line is difficult, but the collector is being straight-forward and specific, and I think I just might get there soon. Below is the newest version of the day 18 painting with a color palette similar to today’s painting. I’ve got to get it less pastel but still get the birds to pop– which means I’ve got to continue to remind myself that there are 1000 ways to make this work and not just one.